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Product Image Human Spine Disorders

Human Spine Disorders


Description: The Human Spine Disorders illustrates how one's posture changes due to different types of spinal disorders  and also shows various causes of back pain.

The central image shows a lateral view of a normal spinal column and its location in the human body.  The 4 curvature regions of the spine are indicated and the vertebrae are labeled.

Also illustrates the following normal anatomy:

  • Detailed labeled cross-section of a typical cervical vertebra
  • Typical cervical, thoracic and lumbar  vertebrae
  • Structural features of an intervertebral disc
  • Function of the intervertebral discs


Discusses and illustrates the following diseases and disorders and how they can cause back pain:

  • The effects of osteoporosis on bones
  • Various fractures of the vertebrae and sacrum
  • Shows and explains hyperkyphosis, scolosis, and hyperlordosis 
  • Shows tumors on the spinal column, ilium, sacrum, and spinal cord
  • Arthritis of the hip
  • Herniated disc


Material Options: Laminated